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Empowering Smart Connectivity and Data Analytics

Superior-Quality Business Technology Consulting

Strategic Planning

Strategic/Business Planning derived from corporate vision and missions

  • Identify strategic mission and goals
  • Situation Assessment: Current situation, market opportunities, technology roadmap, business opportunities
  • Competitive landscape
  • Vision, Mission, and Goals
  • Positioning, Portfolio Offering and Initiatives
  • Value proposition & Competitive Differentiation
  • Develop concept definition around potential initiatives
  • Prepare Strategic plan & budget report for approval



Educational and Training

Education and training on market and technology trends and positioning and development of roadmap.

  • Market Trends - Understanding how market is rapidly moving towards smart services empowered by smart infrastructure and smart solutions in key market segments
  • Technology Trends - Understanding the rapid evolution of technology and how it will impact key market segments
  • Business opportunity to capture interception of market opportunity empowered by the advancement of technology
  • Functional prototype is a key to commercialization with new products, systems and services.
  • How to leverage the emerging ecosystems of cloud based big data and analytics in healthcare and nutrition.
  • Examining the challenges and needs for scalable and secure networks.
  • Process guide to transform ideas into proof of concept and product development
  • Examples of applications and use cases at key market segments


Proof-of-concept to commercialization

Technical initiatives fostering collaboration from Proof of Concept to commercialization

  • Requirements
  • Use scenarios
  • Initiatives/projects Roadmap
  • Develop Proof of Concept, Objectives, Budget, Resources, and timeline
  • Technology empowerment & Innovative approach
  • Engagement with select Industry/Academic/Government for feedback
  • Prototype presentation, report and client feedback
  • Coordinate and manage changes and plan forward to Implementation
  • Marketing plan to Commercialization
  • Lead Generation & Reference use cases
  • Program Effectiveness




Streamline of governance and business development around shared investment model

  • Business analytics
  • Risks and mitigation (business, market, finance, operations)
  • Development, execution and management
  • Tools for measurement, tracking and performance
  • Policy and enforcement



Support, growth and sustainability

  • Operational efficiency
  • Focused Training & Support
  • Performance evaluation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Growth opportunities Management
  • Life cycle Management & Improvement
  • Support



Additional services that can be bundled:

  • Program/Project Life-cycle Management
    • Project Management Plan
    • Management Methodology
    • Detailed WBS and Timelines
    • Communications Plan
    • Team Organizational Structure
    • Deliverables
    • Risks and recovery plan
  • Program/Project Management and Support Services
    • Developing innovative approach of program & project management using best of practice tools for schedule, cost, resources, dependencies, critical path, and reporting,
    • Define product roadmap, features/deliverables, resources profile, budget and timeline
    • Establishing methodology based on quality assurance for hardware & Software delivery.
    • Developing methodology for project delivery and end-user acceptance and post mortem analysis.
    • Tracking weekly status of project deliverables and resources against due dates.
    • Coordinate project activities, lowering risks and managing expectation
    • Reporting monthly project overall status, efforts spent (engineering, field), equipment/support costs.
    • Conduct field trials & testing
    • Assess results and feedback into the project management process.
    • Ensured quarterly delivery of services to the end-user for acceptance.
  • Building Brand Equity and Brand Promotion
    • Define the firm core value and differentiation
    • Define Progressive plan for building brand equity
    • Define effective promotional channels
    • Develop Promotional plan (initiatives, press releases, media relations, customer focused groups, etc.)
    • Assess of effectiveness, enhancements and upgrade
  • Leverage Social networking and engage with target bloggers and communities
    • Define message platform
    • Define strategy for social media, channels and priority
    • Define Social Media implementation plan
    • Execution, assessment and improvement