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Empowering Smart Connectivity and Data Analytics

A Consulting Company Focused on Sustainable Solutions

TelNet Management Consulting, Inc.  Is a results-driven firm in developing and executing global strategic initiatives in the fields of networks and communications applied to deliver smart solutions in key market areas such as healthcare, mobility, energy, smart home/building, public safety, smart environment, smart tourism, smart communities, smart cities and others.


The company president, Fawzi Behmann is passionate about collaborative and disruptive technology and applications and has founded TelNet Management Consulting Inc. in 2009 offering professional services in the areas of technology trends, and IoT/AI/5G collaborative technology positioning, smart networking solutions development in key markets. The portfolio of services capitalize of the solid track record of 35 years with tier 1 companies in global initiatives spanning supply-chain from service providers to semiconductors initiated in Canada and USA. Experience include: corporate governance and streamline operations, strategic planning, technology assessment & positioning, strategy, system architecture, product and smart system solutions development, project management, and consulting and training services.

Diversity of Experience and Outreach Initiatives

Through TelNet consulting, there were several accomplishments that reflect creative thinking, innovative strategy, developing of initiatives and calling for collaborative innovation in developing and deploying smart solutions. Here are some highlights:

  • Currently, as a consultant, identify and map technology into solution roadmap and advance-AI rapid development from PoC to commercialization. Most recently, and in response to  supporting smart city initiative,  Fawzi initiated a couple of hands-on functional prototype outreach IoT projects in collaboration with IEEE and Texas State. Each project was assigned 4 graduating students and an advisor. One of the projects focused on healthcare and the other on Smart garage . Both projects were completed and being presented at different forums.
  • Collaborated with consortiums and provided consultation to 38 departments of the Ministry of Environment and Water in the UAE. Conducted situation/SWOT/cross-cutting analysis and developed a GIS-IT strategic roadmap of 40 applications, and KPI.
  • Collaborated with consortiums ISVs and SIs and developed proposals for an integrated IoT - GIS risk management solutions and advanced communications networking for emergency response systems for ministries of public securities in Togo and Ghana.
  • As an Executive Marketing Director with Power.org, defined and built initiatives supporting the evolution of processor technology and applications including compute applications by Watson and embedded system applications.
  • Support at multiple levels IEEE, the largest technical global organization with over 420,000 members, and served as Communications Society Vice Chair for North America , Region 5 Conference committee chair, Central Texas chair with over 28 societies and affinity groups being represented, and chairing several chapters such As Communication, Signal Processing, Computer and Engineering Bio-medical.


As a consulting firm, Fawzi has volunteered time and efforts to large organizations such as Power.org standards Association,  IEEE, the largest Technology organization, and others.  He organized many domestic and international technical conferences in cities in Asia such as Shenzhen, Beijing, Taipei, Tokyo, in Europe such as Paris and Frankfurt, and recently in USA such as Austin with conference on IEEE International Green Technologies for Smart city and many summits, conference tracks and outreach events. Fawzi has been a keynote & distinguished speaker, and presenter at several domestic and international conferences.

Experience Prior to TelNet Management

Fawzi has several publications and a new book on the subject of future IoT “Collaborative Internet of Things for Future Smart Connected Life and Business “ published by Wiley that provides a visionary approach of IoT opportunities in the 2020's and 2030's and beyond defining requirements, cutting edge technologies, solution framework and development platform for key markets such as smart infrastructure, smart transportation, public safety, smart energy, smart health, smart home, smart car, smart building, smart retail, smart cities, etc.


Fawzi brought wealth of experience based on series of deliverables that provided solid foundation to form and launch TelNet Management Consulting included:


  • As Senior Product manager at Nortel, I managed network product releases (feature specifications, pricing, manufacturing, GOTO market). Managed products include Products LAN enterprise management; Broadband multiservice edge node, multi-million residential broadband pilot project, certification of broadband service gateway system, proposed latest technology solution for video surveillance and Network core.
  • At Teleglobe, as a part of corporate task force defined multi-million dollars corporate Network Management program. Led cross-functional team and championed the definition, specification, development and deployment of real-time monitoring, control and supervisory systems for telecom switching and transmission at the cable/satellite earth stations, regional centers and national control center.


Collectively, Fawzi is active in international forums. As a member of the Canadian Delegation team, Fawzi participated in the development of ITU M.3000 standards for Telecom Management Networks in Geneva. As a Part of ITRS (International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductor), as a Strategic Marketing Director Motorola/Freescale, Fawzi led efforts to establish SoC network generic architecture as a key driver and a long-term indicator of future network complexity.


Fawzi is a senior member of IEEE and is currently a Distinguished Lecturer for IEEE Computer Society and vice chair for IEEE ComSoc North America, and board member of Austin CityUp. Fawzi was a recipient of several awards from Industry and IEEE including Freescale CEO Diamond Chip Award, IEEE Region 5 Outstanding Professional Service Awards (2013-2015), of IEEE Communications Society President award for GLOBECOM 2014, IEEE Communications Society for Chapter of the Year award for 2015 & 2017 and most recently 2018 IEEE USA Regional Leadership Award and Outstanding Large section Award.


Fawzi holds a Bachelor of Science with honors and distinction from Concordia University, Montreal; Masters in Computer Science from the University of Waterloo, Ontario and Executive MBA from Queen’s University, Ontario Canada.

With a proven records of experience, TelNet Management Consulting, Inc.  is excited about helping companies, and municipalities to invest in the explosive market opportunities that we are witness today with introduction of disruptive and collaborative technologies such as IoT, 5G and AI/ML/DL, Block chain and others to achieve greater efficiency in the business processes  and operations and deliver high quality of life, safety and care evolving towards smart communities , cities and states and government.