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Empowering Smart Connectivity and Data Analytics

Disruptive Strategy Consulting

Businesses are transitioning to the digital realm by embracing disruptive technology such as AI to increase efficiency, growth, profitability, and sustainability. For example, ridesharing is replacing the traditional taxi service. These businesses are new, innovative, and quickly replacing other, older business models.

Coronavirus COVID-19 is causing a global disruption to our lives and businesses. Returning to a new normalcy will require an innovative approach for transformation to occur. This transformation will require businesses to leverage collaborative approaches with science, technology, and best business practices.
If you operate a business that is ready to embrace change and taking advantage of disruptive technology, you need to know how to stay abreast of the latest technological and business developments. TelNet Management Consulting, Inc., offers disruptive technology consulting services to help your business grow.

How Can We Help?

You may not think of your business as “disruptive technology–ready,” but even a simple online store or novel service can be considered disruptive if it challenges the preconceived notions about how business should be done — such as shopping online instead of going to a local store.

TelNet Management Consulting, Inc., offers disruptive strategy consulting to help your business face its unique challenges in growing fields. We can assess the current market and trends to help you develop a roadmap for your business’s growth.

We can also help you develop a mission statement and outline clear and measurable goals that your business can meet as you continue to progress, including sustainability initiatives, training and support, and growth opportunity management. Concrete goals will help your business create initiatives, framework, and development.

We can help you asses your business’s growth and apply IoT and AI/ML/DL to visualize data and scenarios in order to facilitate superb decision making.

We also help you evaluate business trends that will affect your company’s operations, such as new and emerging businesses that may disrupt your business model — we can help you stay ahead of the curve. With the help and positioning of the right technology, such as IoT, 5G, wearables, blockchain, AR/VR, drones, AI, and machine learning, your business can be better suited for a changing economy.

Who Are We?

TelNet Management Consulting, Inc., is a consulting firm that specializes in providing customized business services. We work in many industries to help companies thrive, incorporating smart technologies for several markets, such as telehealth and telemedicine, smart transportation, public safety, smart homes, smart education, smart energy, and smart cities.

We began in 2009 and have a history of helping businesses succeed with scalable, intelligent strategies and solutions.

To learn more about our disruptive technology consulting services, call (512) 733-2418 or email fawzi.behmann@telnetmanagement.com. You can also check out the articles on our website to learn more about the work we have done and clients we have helped in the past.